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Canada, a North American country is one of the richest and most developed countries of the world. Every year, the country provides more than 200,000 visas to immigrants from all around the globe, irrespective of their ethnic origin. With a high standard of lifestyle, ample job opportunities and world-class education system, the number of immigrants in Canada is steadily increasing. Most of the immigrants after staying there for a certain period of time become permanent residents.


The Canadian government is providing a large number of Canadian Visa Service under the Economic Class to those skilled individuals, who are capable of contributing to the economic growth of the country.

The various immigration programs under which the Economic Class is listed below:

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW): If you possess the required skills and work experience in the field in which Canada is facing shortage of skilled workers in its domestic labour market then you can apply for a job listed in the Skills Occupations List (SOL). It is a points based system in which you must a minimum of 67 points out 100 points to apply for a visa under this program. The FSW visa holder is eligible to apply for permanent residency.

Federal Skilled Trades Program: Applicants of this visa must have a job offer from a Canadian employer for a minimum period of 1 year in a skilled trade, must have certification of that trade and must 2 years of work experience in that particular skilled trade.

Quebec Skilled Worker Class: The province of Quebec has set its own immigration rules to select skilled professionals. Applicants selected under the Quebec Immigration Selection Program are issued a Quebec Selection Certificate, after which one becomes eligible to apply for a permanent residency visa.

Provincial Nominee Program: The provinces and territories have their own immigration program under the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP), which allows them to nominate immigrants to meet the specific labour market needs of the provinces.

Business Class Immigration: Under this program, permanent residency status is given to the investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons, who are able to contribute to the Canadian economy by creating job opportunities for themselves as well as for the Canadian citizens.

Canadian Experience Class: This program allows those overseas workers to become permanent residents of Canada, who have obtained at least 1 year of Canadian work experience in a skilled occupation.

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Canada is a popular destination in regard to attracting skilled migrants. With an economy that strives for the generic professionals, this nation has been a popular destination in regard to those who wish to explore and seek maximum employment benefits for the lifetime. The government of Canada has introduced the federal skilled program for those who wish to migrate and settle in the country working there. Under the federal skilled visa for Canada, you can lawfully work and study in the country. This visa type allows the migrant to work in the relevant industry as per their skills and the requirements of Canada. Above all, this Canadian visa type is a pathway to permanent residency of the country.


But the candidate must ask from themselves certain questions in order to get a clear picture of the requirements to avail this visa for Canada.

Do you qualify?

Under the federal skilled visa program, the candidate must qualify certain eligibility criteria. These include:

  • At least one year of full time work experience or an equivalent paid work experience in the past 10 years in the eligible occupations as mentioned in the SOL.
  • Must have scored at least 6.0 in the IELTS test and meet the language proficiency requirements.
  • Must have completed a PhD in Canada or have completed almost two years of education in Canada towards the PhD from recognized institutions.

How is your eligibility assessed?

In addition to the qualification requirements, there are several other factors that govern the visa application procedure on your part. These include:

  • The age factor-12 points
  • Language proficiency (English and Frenc) -28 points
  • Educational qualification-25 points
  • Work experience-15 points (a minimum of 9 points in must)
  • Adaptability-10 points

For all those who wish to qualify the point based system must secure 67 points out of the total 100 in order to support their eligibility for Availing Federal skilled Canada Visa.

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With liberal research opportunities, sound economy, low corporate tax rate and easy access to U.S.A developed markets, Canada has emerged as a world’s premier location for business investment. The relative strength of stable political and financial systems of Canada has also drawn attention of foreign investors. Being an open economy, the country wholeheartedly welcomes foreign investment which can contribute to its economic and generate jobs for its citizens as well.


Why invest in Canada?

Here is a list of potential benefits of investing in Canada:

Friendly Business Environment: Canada is the best country to invest in owing to sound political and financial stature.

Market Access: An investor can get easy access to the markets of NAFTA and the EU.

An Educated Workforce: If you are investing in Canada, you will get opportunity to work with the most educated workforce, as the majority of the country’s working-age population having a tertiary level education.

Low Tax Rates: The country is acknowledged for its lower corporate tax rate, it is about 17 percentage lower than that of the USA.

Financial Stability:
If the declaration of the World Economic Forum is to be believed, Canada enjoys a sound and thriving financial system.

A great place to work and live: From high quality lifestyle of cosmopolitan cities to the safe political environment to excellent GDP rate, the country offers you such opportunities that make life worth living.

Thus, if you are someone with sheer determination to establish or acquire a business in Canada, there are there is a world of possibilities await you.

Canada Business Visa:

Canada Business Visa is an official permit, which lets you explore avenues in the country, further, leads you to prized Canadian Permanent Citizenship. Business visas are generally granted to immigrants who can invest in the country, thus support the development of a strong economy. There are three types of visas that you can apply for:

Investors: This visa type is meant for those who want to make a huge investment in the country.

Entrepreneurs: This visa type is designed for those entrepreneurs who are willing to own and manage business in Canada, thus contribute to the economy and generate job possibilities.

Self-employed persons: This visa type is especially for those who are able to create their own business establishment in the country. People with farm management experience are favored.

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Canada has always been a preferred immigrating destination for Indians. The history of Indian immigration to Canada dated back to the year 1904. Beginning with a few immigrants, now Indian community is one of the well-established and integrated communities in the country. In contemporary Canada, every year nearly 30,000 Indian citizens become new permanent residents in the country. In the year of 2013, around 130, 000 new Indians come into the country. The country is seeking students, skilled professionals and business persons to come and join its economy.


If you are also willing to make most of the Canadian work opportunities, Federal Skilled Worker Program opens the best ways to immigrate there.

What Federal Skilled Worker Program is all about?

The Federal Skilled Worker Program is a type of visa category, or an economic pathway to Canadian residence. Highly skilled professionals, including engineers, lawyers, doctors, managers, and others can apply for the work permit under FSWP, which further makes you eligible for the prized ‘Canadian Permanent Residence’.

FSWP is a point-test program, thus, you have to obtain at least 67 points on the grounds of below mentioned factors to proceed with the visa process.

  • Education: Up to 25 points can be obtained
  • Language Skills: Up to 28 total points can be awarded
  • Work Experience: Up to 15 points are awarded for paid skilled work experience gained in last ten years. Minimum of 9 points is required.
  • Age: Up to 12 points can be awarded on the age factor
  • Arranged Employment: Up to 10 points can be awarded
  • Adaptability: Up to 10 points can be gained

To apply for the Visa for Canada Immigration under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), you must

  • Must have full-time working experience in one of the listed occupations for at least one year; or
  • Have completed a PhD, or two years of PhD study at a recognized institution.
  • Must pass a language ability test, either English or French.

Along with this, you have to provide valid documents supporting your sound physical & mental health, good character, and sufficient funds for living in the country.

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In regard to visa for Canada immigration, the one thing that plays a dominant role is the Canadian visa assessment. Through the Canadian visa service by many service providers, the entire procedure is highly simplified, increasing the level of expectation of the candidates seeking immigration.

Canada has always topped the immigration index charts globally in the wake of attracting high group of migrants every year. Be it in terms of the employment opportunities, educational domain or the overall lifestyle constraint, Canada is a nation that presents a highly dominating picture in regard to immigration. With a highly stable, developed and thriving economy the nation puts forward a full-grown migration scenario. This feature in regard to Canada has brought high demand in the Canada visa service by aspirants from different parts of the world who wish to settle in Canada. The government of Canada has put forward several visa classes that favors the varying desires of candidates, allowing them to cherish their migration dream at every step. But the entire visa procedure is known for its complicacy involving daunting migration rules and regulations that makes the candidates feel frustrated and creates chances of failure at times keeping the migration procedure to halt. Candidates thus look forward for a genuine and easy service arm that could transform the entire visa application process in their favor removing all the stress on the part of the aspirant and allowing them to  happily migrate rather than thinking of the procedure involved.

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Canada is known for having best migration standards globally. The country has an economy and a society that is very well known for generating the best living standards in the country, thereby acting as a magnet in attracting high group of migrants towards its land. There are many types of visas for the country that are made seeking the varying migration aspiration of the immigrants.

Some of the popular visa types in this regard are:

  • Student Visa
  • Permanent Residency Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Transit Visa

Canada has routed towards a prosperous migration scenario offering the migrants an exploring immigration environment at every step. The country has been offering great opportunities to skilled professionals raising the migration bar in the country. Along with the professional opportunities the educational environment and structure of Canada is again an influential factor attracting great number of students. Moving ahead to the living culture, the nation offers high standards of living along with a great growing environment that is considered highly safe and secure to migrate live with family.

This entire scenario on part of Canada has been creating high demand for immigration services that includes both the visa as well as the complete array of pre and post landing services as well.

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The vast beauty, open spaces, outward looking lifestyle and a developed educational and professional ground has made Canada one of the most desirable places to visit and live by. Canada every year seeks high numbers of skilled migrants who feel desperate to migrate and work in various industries of the country. There is a large population of skilled professionals in Canada who visit and then for the lifetime settle in the country. Looking at the business opportunities in Canada, the country supports great flock of immigrants who are willing to explore business opportunities in the country. This nation has a developed economy and thus it presents a prosperous living and growing environment counts towards a lifetime experience for the migrants from different parts of the world. With time the immigration consistency has largely grown in Canada defining a great ground globally.

But the final declaration in the immigration procedure in Canada is made the various visa types for the country that caps the entire procedure often strong. The country has announced several visa type on the part of the willing aspirants that hold varying eligibility criteria and the purpose of migration. It is often considered as a diverse legal procedure involving strict rules and regulations of the country. In this regard the Immigration Expert Services is a pattern that shares a very profound and often economic class migration services under great guidance and expertise of professionals who extend great professionalism at every governing step taking care of a complete skill set of related rules and regulations. The present selection scenario of Canada immigration is constantly changing with time and this has led towards high demand for services by expert visa organizations who could guide them thoroughly at every step serving with them in an often effective manner and that too at a cost effective price.

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