Availing Canadian Visa-The only way to Migrate towards the country

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Canada Immigration |Canada Visa, immigration services, visa services
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Canada has been a dominating country that has been successfully attracting a great group of immigrants. The history of immigration to Canada has been very fascinating. Initially there very many push and pull factors that made the people migrate to Canada as the country has been known for offering the best benefits to its citizens. But with the rise of globalization, Canada has been continuously generating high migrant leads offering them many opportunities to grow in the country. Be it education, work, basic living benefits or lifestyle, Canada is a fascinating destination all round the world for aspirants who wish to immigrate and lead a successful life ahead.


In this regard, the government of Canada issues visas for various categories as per the varying immigration requirements. The six main Canadian visa categories include:

Canadian experience class- With a prior experience in Canada any skilled professional or student can apply for citizenship of the country under this visa category.

Skilled workers and professionals- for skilled workers in Canada

Quebec selected skilled workers- for candidates who want to migrate to Quebec as a skilled worker

Business immigration visa-attracting those who want to pursue business activities in the country

Provincial nominees- under this visa category, all the provinces of Canada (except Nunavut and Quebec) can allow candidates to become immigrants under the provincial nominee program of Canada.

Family sponsorship-those who have already been living in Canada can sponsor their family members to settle and avail all the rights and responsibilities of the citizens.

Further, the process of migration involves proper documentation and submission. So, along with the application you need to submit valid documents as well that include:

  • Birth certificate
  • Bank statements
  • Certificate by police
  • Test results of language
  • A photo identity proof

Further the application fees involve:

  • Charges for legal fees
  • The application fees
  • The fees for right to permanent residency

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